Are you ready to ditch the repetitive Virtual Assistant tasks and step into the strategic Online Business Manager position of your dreams?

Inside Influencer OBM Academy, you’ll uplevel your technical and management skills, create irresistible OBM offers that will have your favorite influencers knocking down your doors, and become a booked-out OBM by scaling your biz YOUR way.

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Influencers & Creative Entrepreneurs need someone just like YOU to help RUN THEIR BUSINESS.

You feel confused about what an OBM actually does… and you aren’t sure how to pivot your skillset to support Influencers and Creatives - we teach you the foundational skills you need to work as an OBM for influencers specifically. 

You’re all over the place with your offers, and you can’t possibly see how you can reach your goals and like, have a life - we help you craft a scalable offer suite so you can make more money while working 25 hours a week or less. 

You have no idea how to market yourself, find clients, or even just build relationships without feeling weird - we teach you how to engage and create content for your ideal clients so you can build relationships that eventually lead to parternships. 

But imagine if you didn't let that hold you back. 

✨ You were handling the big-picture responsibilities for your client, mapping out their launches with excitement and delegating tasks to team members like a boss

✨ You took your client’s crazy idea and turned it into reality by creating a project timeline

✨ You confidently went into the backend of your client’s business and streamlined the messy systems (or lack thereof!) they set up

This is your ticket to confidently supporting your favorite influencers, landing more clients, and scaling your remote business.


You're here because...

You’re ready to be the right-hand-woman and confidante to your Influencer or Creative client and want to play a strategic role in the success of their business

You’re done doing the small one-off tasks that don’t require any strategy or thinking because you have so many great ideas to bring to the table.

You’re looking for mentors who have been exactly where you are now and are ready to get guidance so you can hit your goals faster.


running shit

“I feel like I have gained more confidence. Especially when it comes to putting myself out there on social media. I have had to work on my mindset a lot and that has helped. I love the two of you. You are such an amazing DUO!!! And you give off such great positive vibes!!! I feel like your confidence has really rubbed off on me and I love it.”


By the end of this program, you’ll uplevel your technical and management skills, create irresistible OBM offers that will have your favorite influencers knocking down your doors, and become a booked-out OBM by scaling your biz YOUR way.

During the next 5 months, you’ll learn the ins and outs of managing and leading online Influencer and Creative businesses, how to create a scalable and profitable product suite, and the key to connecting with your dream clients in an authentic way.

During the next 5 months, you’ll learn the ins and outs of managing and leading online Influencer and Creative businesses, how to create a scalable and profitable product suite, and the key to connecting with your dream clients in an authentic way.

You don’t need an MBA in order to run a business… These Influencers have TEAMS of people that they need someone to manage… These Creators are building their empires, and They need you to steer the ship...


“I have been able to pinpoint what I want to do in the online space and I have put together my current corporate skillset and what I’m learning in Influencer OBM Academy to outline what kind of potential services I can offer. This has been so fun for me! I came into this knowing literally nothing and I have learned so much!”


Just pause and imagine with US...

This is possible for you, just like it is for our students, and we can't wait to show you how.

Feeling confident while stepping into your authority and being a good leader

to do:

Hitting $5K - $10K+ months through diversifying your income and services

Making more money without working full time

Selling high ticket services that you feel confident delivering on

Having a flexible work schedule and a team to rely on in order to create more freedom in your day-to-day life

You’re FINALLY living out your DREAM LIFE you only thought was possible for other people.

It’s time for an intro—allow US to roll out the red carpet and formally introduce you to…

Inside Influencer OBM Academy, you'll elevate your technical and management skills, create irresistible OBM offers, and become a fully booked OBM by scaling your business your way.

This isn’t another course you’ll join and never touch.

This is 5 months of strategic business support with 2 OBMs who are where you want to be, who have navigated the exact experiences you are going through and will go through as an online business manager…


module one


Take a look at what’s inside the curriculum

Get the lay of the land for your 5-month journey, meet your fellow classmates, and learn more about your teachers, Alex & Sam.

module two

Influencer OBM

Before we can dive into the technical skillsets needed as an Influencer OBM, you first need to understand the ins & out of the Creator Industry and how it works! You’ll also learn YOUR role on a Creator’s team and all of the responsibilities you will have.
101: The Influencer Industry
201: Terms To Know
301: Role & Responsibility
401: Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork
501: Working with Creative Entrepreneurs and Hot Messes

module three

OBM Mindset

Entrepreneurship is 90% Mindset and 10% Skill… trust us. In this module, we will get clear on the limiting beliefs holding you back and how you can reframe your mindset while working through this program.
101: Right Hand Woman
201: Say Goodbye to Lack 
301: How to Do Hard Shit


Project Management

Now it’s time for the fun stuff like setting up PM tools, mapping out your first project as an OBM, assigning tasks to your CEO and team, as well as budget planning!
101: The Foundation 
201: Set up your PM tool
301: Project Planning Basics
401: Training Your CEO & Team 
501: Budget Planning

module five

Team Managment

Inside this module, you’ll learn about the different roles of an Influencer team and what everyone does, our signature hiring process, how to onboard and train new team members, creating a killer team vibe, and how to offboard and terminate team members, too.
: Your Dream Influencer Team 
201: Our Signature Hiring Process 
301: Onboarding + Training 
401: Creating a Killer Team Vibe  
501: Offboarding + Terminating Like a Pro

module six

Systems Management

Not only will you learn the basics of the systems, but you’ll learn how to build out systems like a pro, which systems are essential for Influencers and creatives, how to create and organize standard operating procedures, and of course - how to automate and streamline your client’s business.
101: Systems & Processes 
201: Building Stellar Systems
301: Essential Systems for Influencers 
401: SOPs 
501: Automation Nation

Funnels & Launch Management

MODULE eight

MODULE seven

Press Management

module nine

module TEN

module Eleven

module Twelve

module thirteen

Market Yourself & Network Like a Boss

Your Irresistible Offer Suite

Interest To Interview Roadmap


Influencers are popular people, and the chance they get invited to speak on podcasts, panels, or in publications is very high! Inside this module, we briefly cover the different ways you could support and manage your client’s press requests if that’s something you feel interested in.
: Press Basics
201: The Pitching Process 
301: Outsourcing + Press Management 

Get clear on your ideal client, create your signature service, map out your VIP days, and price yourself accordingly! It’s time to see that bank account grow!
: The Services
201: The Pricing
301: The Messaging

Feel confident in the content you create for your business, make a content plan that you can consistently stick to, connect with your dreamy HELL YES clients, and track your leads like a pro.
101: Content Strategy
201: Content Confidence
301: Connect With Dream Clients
401: Lead Generation & Engagement

Slay your sales calls, send a kick-ass proposal, onboard and offboard your clients seamlessly, and learn how to raise your rates when the time comes!
: The Discovery Call + Selling 
201: The Proposal
301: Client Onboarding 
401: Client Offboarding

Time to pop some bottles and say CHEERS! Submit your portfolio pieces to Alex & Sam for review and get your official certificate of completion and Influencer OBM Academy graduate badge that you can use on socials! And don’t worry… you’ll have the option to renew your Slack support if you’re still wanting Alex & Sam’s mentorship.

We’re covering Influencer product suites and income streams, the different launch phases that you’ll be managing as an OBM, how to map out launch content, providing a stellar client experience, and the evergreen systems you will be managing at some point for your Influencer client.
101: Influencer Launches
201: Mapping Out Launch Content
301: Lead Generation 
401: Customer Experience 
501: Onboarding + Managing Your Students

Metrics Management

And you obviously are going to learn all about metrics for different departments of your Influencer client’s business like - content, email marketing, brand collaborations, lead generation, live launches, and evergreen launches. Because you always want to have a pulse on what’s happening, analytically, in your client’s biz.
: Metrics Basics 
201: Content Metrics 
301: Email Marketing Metrics
401: Brand Collab or Lead Gen Metrics
501: Launch Metrics
601: Evergreen Metrics 

That’s not all (not even close) 

The Ultimate OBM Template Library

You'll get your hands on my top-secret stash of ClickUp,  Notion, Google, Zapier, and Canva templates that are specifically designed to save you time and make your job as an influencer virtual assistant a breeze. From hiring checklists and application forms to social media templates for Instagram carousels, posts, and reels covers, we've got everything you need to streamline your workflow and impress your clients with polished and professional deliverables.  Templates include:

Project Brief 
Offer Outline
Competitive Analysis
Course Creation + Launch Cheatsheet
Email List Creation Plan
Project Debrief
Product Overview
Digital Template Launch
Market Research Questions
Offer Suite Template
Discovery Call Form Questions Template
Sales Call Prep Checklist + Notes
Welcome Email Template 

Budget Template
Job Description
Application Form Questions
Test Project Guideline
Offer Email Guideline
Contract Template
Kick Off Email Guideline
Onboarding Form Questions
Influencer Business Blueprint (The Ultimate ClickUp + Notion Template Hub)
Raising Rates Email + Conversation Template
Client Offboarding Checklist
Testimonial Template

Company + Team Overview
Termination Email 
Client + Student Onboarding
Brand Collaborations
Lead Generation + Newsletters
Content Creation / Repurposing
Zapier Template: Multi-Step Onboarding
Zapier Template: Lead Tracking
Metrics Tracking Template
Ideal Client Template
Welcome Packet Template
Onboarding Form Questions
Client Onboarding Checklist 

Tech Lab

And we’ve got you covered with all of the tech and systems tutorials you’re going to need as an Online Business Manager.

Dubsado Walkthroughs
Honeybook Walkthroughs
Flodesk Walkthroughs
Convertkit Walkthroughs
ActiveCampaign Walkthroughs

Check out the robust template library + additional support: 

And, even more support on our weekly calls!

The best part of all? Our tight knit student group and hands-on coaching support. Because we mean it when we say we’re gonna be talking to you everyday for 5 months. 


This is where the MAGIC happens! We are in Slack every. single. day. answering your questions, reviewing your homework and providing edits, giving guidance, and hyping you up!


Two (2) 60-minute calls per month where we catch up on our weeks and work on our business! We talk through what you're focusing on and working on for the week, we chat about life, and just connect with one another while we're maybe still in our pajamas.


Guest Experts:

60 min calls where we bring in an industry expert to teach you about new strategies that will supplement everything you’re learning inside the program. 

Two (2) 60-min calls per month where you bring questions or issues, and we work on them together in real time. A survey is sent one week prior so you can submit your questions in advance, and then we talk through them together on the call! These calls are recorded for those who can't make it Live.

PLUS, you’ll also unlock exclusive bonus modules FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS WHEN YOU JOIN 


Building a Bullseye Brand 

Learn what a niche is, why it matters, and how it can help your business. When you stop speaking to everyone and start narrowing your focus and specialization, you're able to become KNOWN and accelerate the growth of your brand. By the end, you will be inspired to curate your skills and strengths and create a specialized brand. 

With Mallika Malhotra


Start and Scale Your Agency Sustainably

With Emma Barrera


Cold to Converted Enagement Masterclass


Learn more about the baby steps you can take today as an OBM to start thinking about the agency model you might one day follow. In this bonus lesson, Emma covers topics like making your first hire, structuring your team effectively, navigating tough conversations, and so much more.

Learn Alex's tried and true networking and engagement strategies for having your dream clients slide in your DMs, feeling confident in marketing yourself, creating genuine connections with your leads, and strategically tracking them in your PM tool of choice.


This isn’t another course you’ll join and never touch.  

This is 5 months of strategic business support with 2 OBMs who are where you want to be, who have navigated the exact experiences you are going through and will go through as an online business manager.

Before you start talking yourself out of this, let’s talk about the two most popular “I can’t because…” reasons


We made this program 5 months long for a reason! We know firsthand that life happens, we get stressed and put things down for a bit, plus there is a LOT of material and portfolio piece homework that you need to work on. We don't want you to feel stressed for time and we want to ensure you are able to dive deep into our lessons and implement them with our support. And the best part? You have to option to continue with Slack support after graduation on a month-by-month basis. 


While VAs are dancing in the $25-$30/hour range… OBMs start at a solid $50/hour, with the ability to quickly soar to $75-$100/hour! Imagine doubling your hourly rate and sending 4-figure retainer proposals to potential clients with confidence. This program is a short term investment for a long term gain in your business and in the freedom you want to create in your life, which is also why we have extended payment plan options for you to choose from!

(Yep, we know what’s going through your mind)

“I feel a lot more confident in my understanding of systems and project management from an influencer perspective! When you are first starting out in this field, the names of tools are just thrown at you, and it becomes overwhelming. You don't really know where to start. OBM Academy breaks it down in not only the WHAT but the WHY behind every system!”


We are online business managers for Influencers & Creative Entrepreneurs.

We noticed a gap in the OBM training market and decided to create this program together using our combined 7 years of working in the online space, specifically working with Influencers, as no one else has created a program around this. We combined our expertise to create a more holistic training program for aspiring and current online business managers who also want more hands-on coaching support while building and scaling their businesses.

This can be your reality too! We're so certain about it.


let's do this

hey, we're alex and sam

Let’s answer any lingering questions to get you in the door! 

📞Do I need previous experience to join the course? 

💸 We recommend having some experience either as a Virtual Assistant or transferable experience working in a corporate job before joining to build the foundational skills you will build upon in this course and provide the context to the lessons. 

📞 How long do I have access to the course, group calls, and community?  

💸 You’ll have lifetime access to the module materials and call replays + 5 months of access to us directly in the Slack community! If you fall behind or want more time after the 5 months is up, you will have the option to re-enroll in Slack support. 

📞 Do I have to work with Influencers if I take this course? 

💸 While our curriculum is geared toward the influencer industry, a lot of the concepts can be applied to most creative businesses (like photographers, interior designers, coaches, etc.). 

📞 Am I guaranteed to walk away from this course with an OBM client or booked out with clients? 

💸 You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink! While we will provide everything you need to successfully pivot and market yourself as an OBM, we cannot guarantee you will book an OBM client during this course if you do not use the resources or do the work. – PLUS, we’ll be sharing exclusive job postings in our private Slack Workspace and you’ll be added to our OBM directory upon completion of the program.

📞 Will there be any calls included in this 5-month program?

💸 Absolutely! In addition to Monday-Friday Slack support from your teachers, there will be two (2) coaching calls per month AND bi-weekly study halls where everyone can co-work together… that’s a minimum of FOUR CALLS per month! We also plan on bringing in two (2) guest experts to teach you all a specialized training!


we're ready for you


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